Here is a video showcasing my favorite 3 switch axes and builds to go with them. It was hard picking 3 as there are so many good switch axes! It’s a very fun weapon 😀

Taroth Axe horn which is an upgrade to diablos “Axe of Demons” was a close one, but I was unable to reach white sharpness(requires 4 Handicraft with a tiny bar) cap affinity , crit boost and Elementless jewel without using a booster. It requires sharpening more often due to the small sharpness bar. It’s damage is good but not as constant as the Deviljho Switch axe unless you have friends using affinity boosters also, resulting in some very nice damage since you can drop crit in favor of handicraft 😀 Not so many people carry affinity booster these days (at least on console). Most people seem to prefer Rocksteady and temporal. I do still have a beastly build for it though XD

Other honorable mentions the Jagras SA is great for Exhausting monsters and stunning if you target the head. Power smasher is fantastic for building up the amp charges since dragon phial fills up considerably faster than most.

The switch axes I seem to play the most still are Deviljho’s Terror Tyrannos (fantastic damage and elder seal), Taroth Axe paralysis (great CC and very nice for targeting specific breaks) and the Empress Axe Styx for utility driven builds.

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